Cohlmia Eye Care Center

Cohlmia Eye CenterOur office and eye surgery staff have a gentle, warm and professional demeanor that is intended to provide comfort and peace. Although we use the most advanced and up-to-date equipment, we still offer a precious value that is often forgotten in medicine, individualized care and family treatment.

Our goal is to provide a warm, peaceful, and friendly environment in which the highest quality medical and surgical eye care is practiced. Our services include cataract surgery, eye surgery, as well as other medical eyecare treatments.

Since sight is perhaps the most valued of all the senses, our staff, through medical and surgical excellence, remains loyal and committed to the preservation and enhancement of your vision. Besides our personalized attention, faith is a large attribute of Dr. Cohlmia. His strong religious background and abundant faith in God's healing hands have truly helped him exhibit care and warmth to his patients.