Wichita Glaucoma Nerve Fiber Layer Testing

The GDx test is a relatively new test that has proved its usefulness in the diagnosis and management of glaucoma. The GDx is a tool that uses laser to determine the thickness of the nerve fiber layer. Older glaucoma tests have centered around measuring eye pressure or measuring the effect that glaucoma has on your overall visual field. Although these tests are extremely important in the treatment and management of glaucoma, it would be helpful to measure or test early what damage glaucoma can cause to the nerve fiber layer in the back of the eye.

The GDx is currently used by the Cohlmia Eye Center as a baseline exam. The test provides important information that is useful in following your optic nerve status throughout the years. The GDx also helps Dr. Cohlmia decide whether you truly have glaucoma or could be considered a glaucoma suspect. The GDx test, alone, does not make the diagnosis of glaucoma; therefore, Dr. Cohlmia must use all of the baseline and follow-up data of each patient to make a decision regarding treatment.